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PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

Looking for the fastest and the most affordable internet marketing/advertising strategy? getvisiblelistings is one of the top PPC companies, whichhas been offering effective Google PPC campaign for 3+ years. With Google PPC ads, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement and is taken through to your website. At getvisiblelistings.com, we examine the scope of your project, create a clear and smart marketing strategy, and build an eye-catching PPC campaign to bring your website the desired results.

We are experts when it comes to utilizing Google Adwords to advertise on Google. Our main objective is to improve our client's ROI, and ensure you get more pre‐qualified and relevant traffic delivered to your website for a lower cost.

This model of Google marketing brings in direct traffic to your web page and maximizes the ROI. When people search with keywords, relevant to your business, the ads appear on publisher's websites.

Our PPC Services:

  • Maintain low bids on selected keywords

  • Effective ad scheduling

  • Monitor and maintain the bids on keywords

  • Our team of copywriters offer relevant and effective copywriting services for advertisements

  • Track and analyze conversion rates

  • Measure ROI

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